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I’m gonna delete my Tumblr.

I spend too much time on it.

And it depresses me.

Sometimes it ruins my day.

There’s some cool people on here, but sometimes it’s disappointing to find out that somebody I really liked unfollowed me, and I wonder what I did wrong.

I’m sure that whatever I did wrong, though, it was influenced by my anger, which was probably brought about by something I saw on Tumblr.


If I know what’s good for myself I won’t come back.

Add: If anyone wants my email or number or to add me on Facebook, go ahead and ask. I’ll keep it up a few more hours.

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{Indian Couture} Part IV | Satya Paul

Most beautiful ever.

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Joker without makeup .

thats really disrespectful.. he was clearly injured in some sort of way may it be war or what have you, he is probably so depressed his face is scarred like this, he has to wake up everyday seeing this his own face, why would you make fun of him like this? fuck off. 


 seriously, anyone who would make fun of this is just fucked up. i actually think he’s still more attractive than like half the guys out there, even with his face like this

 you guys do realize that this literally is the joker without makeup? this is heath ledger in The Dark Knight, in a scene where he’s hiding in a group of policemen.

oh thats awkward



Did that really just happen

Of course he’s more attractive than like half the guys out there he’s Heath Ledger

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Conservatives and Christians need to stop compromising.


Evolution does not mesh with the Bible

That’s quite true, since evolution is fact and the Bible is a set of myths that were never even meant to be interpreted literally. Nice way to fail at your own religion.

nor is it supported by scientific evidence.

It is literally one of THE most successful scientific theories that exists. The entire world is laughing at you.

Being a serious Christian is not a negative thing (quite the contrary).

It doesn’t have to be until you start proposing that people actually start passing legislation based on your false interpretation of your religion.

Human life factually begins at conception.

I suggest you use words like “factually” out of any post you ever make, because I guarantee it’s actually false. Human life doesn’t “begin” anywhere. Life is a continuous process that has been ongoing on Earth for a couple billion years. But I guess if you can’t even get the premise of that right, we can’t expect you get anything right when it comes to biology.

Any birth control that ends a pregnancy after fertilization is taking a human life.

No contraceptive does this.

If it does, it’s no more significant than if you ejaculate a bunch of sperm (how dare you, you just killed millions of potential people!) or menstruate (that egg had person potential! murderer!).

Debate is helpful even if the other party doesn’t see it your way, because others are watching and can by convinced by your argument.

You’ll probably convince more people if you actually know what the fuck you’re talking about and say true things.

Don’t give in to the liberal lies, y’all. We’ve got logic and rationality on our side.

The fact that you actually think so is pitiful.

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